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Eagles' Nest Telemedicine


Eagle’s Nest is a partnership between Brock ISD and the Parker County Hospital District Outreach Program. Through telemedicine, it allows medical care on-site at each campus to help with the healthcare needs of staff and students.  Treatment of minor illnesses includes colds, skin rashes, and testing for strep, flu, and COVID-19 will be available. Eagle Care’s purpose is to increase the educational success of students and staff by assuring access to healthcare. 

Is treatment available to everyone?

To receive treatment the student or staff member must be enrolled.  To enroll, a consent form will need to be filled out and turned in before needing services. Parents and guardians will also receive a phone call to confirm consent prior to all visits of their student(s). Complete online consent form



Students with Private Health Insurance or with Medicaid coverage will need to provide that information during online consent enrollment.  Co-payment will vary and be discussed before the visit.

If a student does not have insurance, we will provide families with options.


Staff will have a $30.00 co-pay at each Teladoc visit if enrolled. 

Steven Welch, D.O.
Eagle Care Physician
Melissa Burden, RN, District School Nurse Brock High School
Nicky Crown, RN, Jr. High Campus,
Vanessa Mueller, RN, Intermediate Campus,
Camille Schultz, LVN, Elementary Campus